Intranets play a vital role in connecting the enterprise, connecting colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners, with the information they all need, when they need it, which means that ensuring that your intranet works, and works well, is vital. Finding examples to follow can be difficult, however, so I’ve put together 7 examples of effective intranets I love, and 3 that I hate.

1) Love: Simple, Search Led, Portals

Whilst it’s tempting to show everything that anyone could ever need to access on an intranet home page to make sure that everyone can see everything that they might ever want to access, this risks overwhelming users. …

With the first month of 2018 almost behind us, here are five up and coming trends for Intranet software that we will see major development on this year.

We’re starting with the tame (and kinda overdue) and work our way up to the unbelievable, ground-breaking, nay, ground-shattering developments that will put the digital in digital workplace.

1. Unified data streams

It’s an old, familiar problem: Most intranets are silos and are used alongside other closed-off applications for CRM, ERP, Finance, Analytics, etc…

Henry Amm

Nature-loving, Volvo-driving, self-professed Digital Workplace expert. VP @adenin.

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